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All my coaching programs are designed to ensure you feel comfortable, heard, and assured that I will do everything possible to make your goals a reality. Together, we will formulate a realistic plan that’s based on your unique needs and desires to allow you to achieve the vision you have for your health, body, and life.

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Your Path to Real Health Starts Here

Not sure what your next step should be? Get the answers you need to make empowered decisions about your health & get back on track to feeling your best.

My approach is grounded in common sense, sustainability, and the lost art of true natural & root cause health education. I focus on building healthy mindsets around food and foundational health principles grounded in natural laws that have been safely, cheaply, & effectively practiced for thousands of years! 

Most practitioners rely heavily on expensive functional medicine testing & products but never tell you that if you don't master or understand the foundational health principals FIRST, your healing will always be limited. 

This is why created my Foundations Program and start with a HTMA test with all my clients. Just like building a house, if you build it with poor materials, it will never last. Your hormones, neurotransmitters, immune system, gut health, etc., all requires balanced minerals, nutrients, sleep, emotional balance, movement, and a good light environment. 

I look forward to sharing my expertise in personalized approach with you. Simply click here to schedule your complimentary consultation or book a package below. 

the foundations  Program

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My 6 Week Foundations Program is the place I generally start with clients.  


We can add additional testing as needed but often times focusing on diet and lifestyle can resolve a lot of the problems people come to me with. This is a foundational step most MD's, Naturopaths, and Functional Medicine Doctors neglect. If you don't get the foundational principles like diet, sleep, movement, & mindset right it's going to be tough to affect real lasting change. 


This Program is $399 & includes:

1.  3 Private Consultations ($435 value)

2.  A Nutrition Guide ($97)

3.  Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test ($179 Value)

4.  20 page Report of Findings and Mineral packet.

5.  Customized dietary & supplement plan.

 6. Complimentary Strength Training Guide (with demos).

Directions: Once I receive payment and your intake form I will email you with in 24hrs to set up an initial consult & mail out your HTMA test to you. You should receive your hair collection kit in 5-7 days. Looking forward to speaking with you! And congrats on taking the first step in your health transformation!

Hair Salon


Re-test only


Fitness Group


program + HTMA


Warm Up on the Beach


3 months


Hair Salon


Mineral Program


Healthy Morning

45 minutes



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