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“Working with Crystal has been a joy! I have learned so much about my body. My energy, health, inflammation, and headaches have all improved so much over the last couple months!”  - Jess H.

Crystal was able to fix my gestational diabetes with B6 supplementation when diet and lifestyle didn't work. My OBGYN scoffed at her recommedations & research & said it wouldn't work-- she had to eat her words! I was able to remain drug free this pregnancy.  --M

"I can honestly say after working with Crystal I have never felt better! I am off all my heart and blood pressure medications and the knee that has bothered me for close to a decade (and that doctors kept telling me I need to get surgery on) no longer hurts! I haven't felt this good in probably a decade!" —  James D.

"A few years back I had the worst acne all over my face and body & it caused me to have zero self-confidence. I wanted to cover myself up and hide. I also got sick almost every single time I ate.  During our coaching sessions, Crystal encouraged me to try two main things; 1.Eliminate gluten and dairy.

2. Add in healing nutrition in the form whole foods and juicing. Within 3 weeks my skin started to clear up, I stopped getting sick after eating, and my skin started to glow. I no longer felt like hiding under covers. The other benefits I experienced from working with Crystal was less knee pain, better digestion, I lost weight, and gained self-confidence!   -Sarah P

10 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS. My doctors told me it was incurable.  Well apparently MDs are the only ones perpetuating this lie. Crystal didn’t seemed phased by “my incurable” label. We ran some functional medicine tests and found a bunch of gut & bacterial imbalances. Over the last 8+ months I changed my diet, worked on my sleep & stress, I did the CBO (candida & bacterial overgrowth) protocol & my digestion close to normal. It’s unbelievable! I suffered for so long. I cannot believe how much time I wasted listening to medical doctors. I’ve finally got my life back! THANK YOU!    -Judy

“Worth every penny! The knowledge and insights I got into my health have been invaluable! Finally after years of doctors appointments I have gotten some real tangible answers & information." -Rod W.


Before working with Crystal I was experiencing fatigue, brain fog & stubborn weight gain. Crystal educated me that fatigue is a complex set of conditions that affect cellular metabolism, hormones, immunity and lots of other factors. After running some labs I was designed a specific plan based off my results. Each week I work with her I feel better and my energy has increased. The best part is I am finally losing my stubborn fat and starting to feel like myself again!! I am already down 22 lbs and so happy!!  -Jolie

“My chronic joint pain is finally gone! I have had joint pain and inflammation for as long as I can remember! I've had difficulty performing even normal daily activities and exercises at the gym. Crystal ran a Food Sensitivity Test for me and created and elimination diet that completely cleared up the pain! I am blown away at the results. I now recognize my joint pain stemmed from a systemic inflammation caused primarily by the food I was consuming. Even "healthy" foods!  --Janessa J

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