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Functional Medicine Testing along with Diet and Lifestyle modifications can be truly life changing!

While diet, lifestyle, mineral balance, restorative sleep, and supportive supplementation are foundational parts of rebalancing your health & body, there is something even more targeted at your disposal: Functional Medicine Testing. This is a tool that gives you the deepest insight into your individual health with actual data. Real-time, accurate information about what is going on inside your body holds the key to helping identify the underlying root cause behind any symptoms or health conditions you may be experiencing.









There is Always a Root Cause

When you experience any uncomfortable or unwanted symptom, it is not your body messing up, but rather a sign it needs additional support and that it is attempting to 'right the ship' so to speak. Functional medicine testing helps to identify nutritional deficiencies and accumulated toxicities in your body that are the reason you might not be feeling well. Once you understand these imbalances, you can then replenish any deficiencies and reduce toxicities through personalized diet and lifestyle adjustments to restore balance or homeostasis in the body. This is how you feel better.

Don't Guess, Test 

Functional medicine testing enables you to take an in-depth look at any deficiencies in vitamin and mineral levels, hormone imbalances, gut and digestive function, how your body is responding (or not responding) to stress, overall metabolism and mood. It also identifies accumulated toxicities so you can clearly identify the underlying reason(s) why you may be suffering from brain fog, low mood, have difficulty losing weight, experience extreme tiredness, headaches, skin issues, digestive upset, reproductive imbalances like menstrual irregularity, low libido, or any other health issue.

Blood serum testing only looks at the blood at a specific time and from a specific perspective, and while certain blood serum tests are great for hormones, vitamin D, etc, they tell us very little about minerals like calcium or magnesium, they in fact can be quite deceptive because they almost always come back "normal' when you could be severely deficient at the tissue level. There are certain blood markers that do hold valuable information about your health and do form part of functional medicine testing – but it is only one small part. Functional medicine testing includes looking at all systems of the body to get a whole perspective --this can include testing the urine, saliva, stool, and hair samples that take your health data to a whole new level.


Blood is a homeostatic fluid that always tries to maintain balance in the body, if something is off in the blood it is most likely really off! Calcium and magnesium are a great example of this. I cannot tell you how many clients tell me their doctor tested these levels and they came back "normal,' which is almost meaningless if not downright deceptive because they don't ever explain (or understand themselves) the limitations of blood serum tests. Your blood must maintain a very tight pH range or you die (so a high priority for the body) but at the tissue level your body could be pulling minerals from your bones, joints, organs, and all non-essential processes causing less then optimal functioning of the body. By the time calcium shows deficient in the blood you are most likely well on your way to, or in an osteoporosis type condition.  


Functional medicine looks at optimal ranges so you can function and feel your best, not wait for a severe enough state to be labeled with a disease. 



Take Control of Your Health

Disease is defined as a collection of symptoms and based on a diagnosis you are often given a treatment plan to mask the symptoms instead of identifying the root cause of why this has happened to begin with. I have seen over and over again how quickly clients' lives can turn around once they have implemented the right diet and lifestyle changes . When you understand how your body has become imbalanced in the first place, you can then learn what you need to do to restore balance and get well. This is why Functional Medicine lab testing is one of the most popular and effective services we offer – all from the comfort of your own home.

Every test that a client receives comes with a one-on-one coaching call so that you can fully understand your lab results and, begin to implement a comprehensive individualized wellness plan that best supports you. After following the recommendations, you have your initial base point and can do follow-up tests that assess your progress and any further adjustments that may be needed.

If you aren't sure where to start, I've got you covered!  I always offer a Complimentary Consult where you can explain your primary health issues and I will explain my process and help guide you in the right direction (whether that is working directly with me or not). There is zero pressure. I want it to be a good fit for both of us. 

If you are ready to take your health to the next level – I suggest starting with my 6 Week Foundations Program and a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

Do you suffer from:


Weight Gain


Brain Fog






Low Libido


  • Please be sure to collect and return your sample within 14 days of receipt of your lab test. All lab tests expire within 6 months of purchase.

  • New York State law prohibits shipment of lab products to New York State. 

  • All labs are for educational purposes not diagnostic.

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