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  My story 

In 2015 I was faced with a freakish and sudden struggle for my health and my own leg!

In just a few weeks time I was reduced from a strong, fit, and independent woman to a total cripple, barely able to walk. Something was quickly and suddenly ravaging my body and I was at a loss for the first time in my life how to treat it!

I went from doctor to doctor with very little help and no answers as to what was happening to my leg/body. No one knew anything, but they all had a plethora of pills, guesses, and things they wanted to "practice" on me.


After months of doctor appointments, excruciation pain, and living off pain pills, I had been reduced to a literal skeleton of my former self. My body had wasted away, my tailbone felt broken from being so immobilized, and what muscle was left painfully hung off my body. I was thrown prescription after prescription and I almost became one more death statistic of properly prescribed drugs (100,000+ yearly deaths and the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.). A statistic I was well aware of.

This is where an unlucky and incorrect cancer diagnosis finally lead me to search out the help I really needed. My PCP and a radiologist diagnosed me with cancer/mass in my leg and referred me to a bone specialist for further diagnostics. I immediately started looking for alternative cancer treatments and options but I quickly realized that it was nearly impossible to find. My brother found a natural cancer specialist in Spain and contacted him about my situation since it is essentially illegal for any doctor to treat cancer naturally here.

In the meantime, I went in for further diagnostics with an osteopathic surgeon (bone specialist) and he took another an x-ray of my femur bone. When the x-ray came back it showed 50% of my bone wasn't there anymore!!

I was absolutely & totally horrified!!


The surgeon wanted to do emergency surgery to stabilize my leg (with a hip to knee steel rod). Still in utter shock I continued as planned with a biopsy and further diagnostics before I decided on anything. I was sent home and "told not to break my leg" while we waited 7-10 days for test results.

This is where my story really begins.


While waiting for my biopsy results I had a skype appointment with the natural cancer doctor from Spain. He immediately put me on a bunch of his (harmless) cancer/health protocols. And in the 7-10 days time it took just to get the biopsy back here in Portland, OR., this doctor from Spain was able to totally stop the devastating damage and start the healing process! My excruciating "hell periods" at night quickly declined and I was able to almost completely wean off the pain pills in a weeks time! Doctor's here completely ignored my extreme turnaround (it just wasn't in their field of perception), but a surgery to further clean out my bone confirmed new bone growth had already begun, like I knew it had!!

It was a powerful experience, especially in a society that tells us only conventional and pharmaceutical care is valid. Which of course is absolutely absurd!!

This horrific, yet amazing experience not only empowered me but it reignited my passion for health and helping others. It also confirmed everything I believed in about wellness, sickness, and the human body. This experience ultimately lead me to where I am today. Helping people with their wellness issues, doing no harm, and teaching people how to rebalance their bodies... naturally and healthfully. And most importantly shifting them from being victims to victors!


 I am a shining example that anything is possible, even growing back a legbone!

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