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Viral Immune Defense






Welcome Health Family!

It has been a bit of a crazy couple of weeks for all of us as the media continues to pump out a lot of scary news and as we enter a lot of unknown territory! 

I am not going to speculate on anything here, but I will say that so far this virus seems to have mild symptoms in children and the healthy adult population.

By request, I have created this page to give you some tools and resources to empower you.


The best defense is a good offense!

Below, you will find important products, and resources that I trust. These are some of  Dr. Cabral's personal recommendations to our progressive and state of the art IHP health community. 


Hopefully this will help alleviate some of your fears around the virus issues happening right now. Knowledge is power! 

A-Z Prep Guide


My recommendation is a 12 week supply of non-perishable items.


Here’s what my health community is stocking up on:

Whole Food Bars
True, organic whole food bars that both kids and adults will love.
– Use 1 bar for a snack or 2 for a meal


Daily Nutritional Support or Activated Multi-Vitamins
This provides every vitamin and mineral you need even if your calories are low.
– Use 2 scoops per day of the DNS or 4 multi-vitamins per day (2 at 2 meals)


Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend 
Fruit and vegetables may run short so this supplies the nutrients from 22 organic superfoods.
– Use 2 scoops per day in water or a smoothie

Immunity Protocol
These 3 products (vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D) are crucial in keeping your immune system strong.
– 1 scoop of Alkalizing Vitamin C
– 4 drops of liquid Vitamin D3 for adults (1 drop for a child over 35 lbs)
– 1 capsule of Balanced Zinc mid-meal at dinner

Omega-3 Softgels 
This helps with healthy levels of inflammation and will balance canned or dried foods.
1 tsp for adults, or 1/3-1/2 teaspoon for children

Daily Probiotic Support
My family uses this for good gut health even if we have to switch to largely processed “survival” foods.
– 2 capsules per day

Vitamin D3
Easy to dose for children and adults at 1,000IU per drop.
– 4 drops of liquid Vitamin D3 for adults (1 for a child over 35 lbs. For children under 35 lbs use the Kid’s Vitamin D3)

Daily Digestive Enzyme
I order more of these because my belly doesn’t exactly do great with beans or legumes, but if it comes to eating them a couple of times per day I’ll be ready.
– Take 1-2 capsules per whole food meal (not needed with smoothies or blended food)

Oregano Oil
Potentially, the strongest natural herb on the planet for broad spectrum immunity.
– 3 drops 2-3x/day (1 drop for children) in water (Only needed if feeling sick or run down)

Mullein and/or Licorice Root
These powerful Ayurvedic, Native American and TCM herbs support healthy lung function, mucus expectorant and immunity. Licorice root may often be contraindicated for those with high blood pressure.
– 1 capsule or recommended dosage 3x/day (Only needed if feeling sick or run down)

Echinacea & Elderberry Immune Syrups
These are powerful flu fighters backed up by research. It is still speculative of whether Elderberry may over increase the acute immune response to the virus – Therefore, it is suggested that Elderberry may be used to boost the immune system, but if you get the virus you may want to stop its use as a precautionary measure.
– Recommended dosage 3x/day (Only needed if feeling sick or run down)

Manuka Honey
Although many people consider this a food, it has strong medicinal purposes. It can be mixed with black coffee for a cough or taken for its health benefits.
– 1 tsp 1-3x/day as desired for a healthy body

New reports are coming out that melatonin may play a role in balancing the immune system while it is under attack. Look for more information to come on this powerful natural antioxidant/hormone/immune regulator.
– 2.3-10 mg 30-minutes per bed as needed

*There are a few other supplements, but those are the essentials…

(Please note, some of these are Equilibrium Nutrition and some are from other reputable brands – you can purchase from any brand you trust. Also, none of the above supplements should be considered medical advice, nor do I promote not seeking medical help if needed.)


As for the foods I prepped with, I had to choose what I could get online that could be shipped because I’m currently outside of the US.

Here’s what I bought:

Bulk long grain rice

Bulk black beans

Bulk oats

Bulk olive oil

Bulk sea salt

And besides having a Berkey Water filter I really don’t need much else…

If I can boil water, my family and I can live off of beans, rice, sea salt and olive oil – And it’s actually a compete and nutritious meal.

Of course, no one will be overly excited about that idea, but at least we’ll all get our nutrition along with adding in our daily vitamins & minerals until the storm is over…

(Side Note: I don’t actually believe I’ll need these foods above and hopefully it NEVER comes to this, but you simply can’t take any chances in my opinion…)


Podcast on Children’s Health & Immunity

Podcast on Destroying Viruses

Lastly, keep your bulk resources simple:

Toilet paper (Again, please don’t buy every roll… we need to be good neighbors to one another.)

Hand Towels (better to use than paper towels and washable/reusable)

Cleaning soap (more important than toilet paper!)

Bathroom soap

Berkey water filter

Remember, if you have soap for your body and hands you can get by fine for weeks…

I’m not going to sugar coat things – the next 12 weeks don’t look great in terms of worry…

However, it’s nowhere near the media created hysteria (what the media is doing to twist statistics is borderline fraud and criminal…) And remember, no matter who you are, everyone is feeling this…

That’s why we need to stick together.

Help out your friends, family and loved ones.

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