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In my private wellness practice, I use very specific forms of natural medicine and healing from around the world to help you reach a new level of health and vitality! I use Nutritional Science and Functional Doctor created plans that have been tested on over 250,000 client appointments!




  • Orthomolecular Medicine

  • Ayurvedic Medicine

  • Functional Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism

  • Traditional Naturopathy

  • Bio-regulatory Medicine

  • Eastern Philosophy


Diet Bio-Individualization 

As an individual you will truly understand why there is no single diet that works for everyone all the time. Most diets can work for initial weight loss, but not all work long term, and not all are healthy. Fad diets, although often effective, can end up wreaking havoc on your hormones and metabolism long term so its important to understand why they work and why they might not in the long run.


Exercise Programming

Just like a diet, there is no one exercise program that is right for everyone. Programs should be based on an individual’s current state. As a person heals and becomes well their training routine should adapt with them as well. You will learn all the ins and outs of great workouts for you as an individual. Too much or too little will depend on your body type, state, and health.


Stress & Sympathetic Nervous System Regulation

One of the missing pieces to the puzzle as to why some people can’t seem to lose the weight, get well, rebalance hormones, or feel alive again is due to stress. This is why understanding the natural diurnal rhythms of the body, as well as the autonomic nervous system is imperative if one hopes to help people get well permanently. I’ll provide you with the knowledge and skills to implement these techniques in your life.


Toxin Removal

It wasn’t until I learned about heavy metals, Ayurvedic detoxification protocols, as well as Functional Medicine detoxes that I realized one of the reasons your body can’t rebalance itself is that it is overwhelmed by the 50 million documented man-made chemicals now in our environment and the 10,000 chemical additives in our food system. I’ll teach you how completing Functional Medicine detoxification protocols are actually easier to do than you may believe, and how it can be the difference maker in putting the body in a position to fully rebalance itself!


Rest & Parasympathetic Nervous System Resetting

Rest goes well beyond telling a tired person to take a nap and get more sleep at night… If only it were that easy to rejuvenate the body! I’ll explain how resetting the autonomic nervous system and vagal nerve center is the key to enjoying more energy without necessarily getting more sleep (although that is also usually necessary).


Emotional Balance

In conventional medicine, MDs are not trained to take into consideration a person’s mental state. This is unfortunate since you can provide someone with the best plan available, but if their negative emotions or pre-conceived ideas that they can’t get well prevails then all is for nothing… This is why I help people understand that their psychology (beliefs) has actually been proven by science to affect their physiology (health, weight, aging, etc.). You will learn how negative emotions might be holding you back. 


Supplement Protocols

As an double certified Integrative Health Practitioner, I teach that food is first and foremost on the path to healing the body. But, you will also come to learn that when the body has become deficient in certain nutrients or digestion has become weak, often times food is not enough initially in order to give the body what it needs in order to rebalance itself. After all its not just WHAT you eat it is more about what you ABSORB and can utilize. This is also why functional nutritional supplements and things like juicing can make a HUGE difference in recovery and over all vitality!




 The H.E.A.L. Method

 (healthy, Energetic, And Lean)


My goal is to help you lead the healthiest and

happiest life possible!

If that means helping you lose weight, get well, increase energy, sleep better, conquer your digestive issues, or just improve overall well-being I am happy to help!


My HEAL group coaching program will help you with your goals, gain an understanding of the true power of food, hormones, inflammation, proper recovery, sleep cycles, macro and micro-nutrition, and the road map and support to get you there!


Also included:

  • Bio-Individualized nutritional program

  • Continuing motivation & education

  • Bio-feedback health evaluation

  • Health optimization protocols 

  • Shopping Lists

  • Custom training protocol (what/how)

  • Personalized Supplementation Suggestions

  • Introduction to Juicing

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Program adjustments throughout

  • Continuing communication 

  • (And optional sub clinical lab testing if deemed necessary or if you are just tired of guessing).


I accept a limited number of new clients into both my 1:1 and my group programs so please apply if you are interested in private or group coaching or if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! It's time to live your best life!

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